Push-To-Open Bracket Kit

Most gate openers are installed as Pull-To-Open so that the gate swings into the property and away from the road. When installed in this manner, the gate opener is fully extended when in the closed position and fully-retracted when the gate is in the open position.

In some applications, you must reverse this installation so that the gate opener(s) are installed in a Push-To-Open manner. When doing this, the gate opener will need additional clearance and this Push-To-Open Bracket Kit includes two longer pivot brackets to attach the rear post mount to the gate opener arm as replacement for the two Pull-To-Open pivot brackets included in each kit.

Some reasons you might need to install your gate in a push-to-open installation instead of a pull-to-open manner include:

  • Grade of driveway prevents pull-to-open installation
  • Lack of space for gate to swing into the property

Important Application Notes: