Remote Transmitters

For most people, remote transmitters  are the primary device that is used to operate their automatic gate opener system. GHOST CONTROLS® is proud to offer different options to control your gate system, all with leading-edge technology and features not available on competitor transmitters.  All GHOST CONTROLS® remote transmitters feature:

  • Long-life CR2032 lithium coin-cell battery that will provide long periods of service before requiring tool-less replacement
  • Visor clip that is adjustable in any one of four positions
  • LED light to indicate when GhostCode™ is being transmitted
  • Power-saving features to prevent accidental discharge of the battery in your pocket, purse, or backpack
  • Remote Transmitters are compatible with all Ghost Controls Tubular and Decorative style gate openers.

Remote Transmitter FAQs

How many gate opener systems can you operate with a Ghost Controls Remote Transmitter (AXS1, AXP1, or AXR1)?

You can control up to two different Ghost Controls systems with each remote because there are two buttons on each remote with the "GC" logo on them.  Each button can control either a single or dual system.

If you have two remotes and only one Ghost Controls system, you can actually program both buttons to operate your age by "teaching" the GhostCode to the unused buttons just like you would if you have two different systems.

How many remote transmitters can I add to my system?

There is no limit to the amount of transmitters that you can add to a Ghost Controls system.  You can add as many AXS1, AXP1, or AXR1 remote transmitters, in any combinataion, as you want to our systems.

AXP1 5-Button Remote

5-Button Premium Remote Transmitter (AXP1)

Our AXP1 5-Button Premium Remote Transmitter will control two different gate systems (single or dual) by providing the ability to open or close, enable or disable PartyMode®, and determine the gate opener system battery status. It can be quickly added as a new remote to an existing GHOST CONTROLS® system with the “Learn” button. The compact high-tech design and proprietary features makes this a market leader.

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AXP1 5-Button Remote

3-Button Standard Remote Transmitter (AXS1)

The AXS1 3-Button Standard Remote Transmitter is our most popular transmitter.  This model will control two different gate systems (single or dual) and is easily “Learned” as a new remote from an existing working remote in only a few moments. The included CR2032 battery provides long life and can be easily replaced when necessary. The included visor clip can be positioned in any of the four positions to allow easy access inside of your vehicle.

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