WARNING-Do not install or use this device with livestock or other animals.

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GHOST CONTROLS® Wired Vehicle Sensors

The GHOST CONTROLS® AXXV Wired Vehicle Sensor with 55′ Cable is the easiest way to trigger your gate to open when someone in a vehicle is trying to exit your property. When the sensor detects a moving vehicle, it will send an “open” signal to your gate controller and allow the vehicle to exit from your property. This reliable system only detects moving masses of ferrous metal. Caution-Lawn mowers, steel toe boots, horseshoes, metal collars, and similar metallic items may cause the gate to open when this sensor is present.

This sensor is buried beneath the ground surface next to your driveway to detect moving vehicles. The wired sensor does not require any batteries to replace and includes a 55′ cable that can be shortened if needed. This cable should not be spliced for any reason.

NOTE-This vehicle sensor should be buried next to the driveway 12 inches deep and at least 20 feet away from the arc of the moving gate to help prevent any false detections.

Cable cannot be spliced or extended. Please purchase a 100 foot or 250 foot version if a cable longer than 55 feet is desired.