Maintain Your Gate Before It’s Too Late…

Keeping up the appearance of a gate helps maintain the curb appeal of your home. Follow the suggestions below each Fall to keep your gate and gate opener system in tip-top shape!

Getting Started:

    • Adjust the gate hinges to make sure the gate swings level throughout the full opening and closing range of motion
    • Clean your gate with a mild cleaner, a rag, a soft brush, and a water hose to remove dirt and dust.
    • Remove any rust on iron/steel gates with sandpaper, a wire wheel on a drill (wear safety goggles), or sandblasting. Protect the affected area with a rust-inhibiting primer.
    • Use exterior paint to touch up any areas that are missing paint. You can often find a pretty close match to most gate colors in spray cans that allow you to easily apply multiple coats in just a few minutes.
    • After washing, if you want to go the extra mile, you can wax your gate (like your car) to protect the finish on the gate.
    • Be careful when using a pressure washer because too much pressure can actually remove the paint and cause corrosion to accelerate on the gate

Check The System Batteries

to verify it is not in need of replacement before winter arrives:

  • Clean any corrosion from the battery terminals and connectors. A wire brush the size of a toothbrush is a handy tool for this job. Brush it lightly until any corrosion is removed. Most automotive part stores also have an anti-corrosion battery spray or jelly that can be added to your system for additional protection.
  • Using the screwdriver provided with your kit, tighten any of the wiring terminal connections that are loose.
  • Use an automatic digital voltmeter to check the charge of your battery, when the gate system is running. You should have at least 12.5VDC at the battery when the arm is moving the gate.
  • If needed, top off the charge of the battery using an automatic 12V trickle charger.

Lubricate The Operator Arm

Use silicone spray: You can clean the silver aluminum push-pull tube with a mild cleaner and then apply a light misting of silicone spray onto this part of the arm. Cleaning this part of the arm helps remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated over time and can help reduce premature wear and noise on the internal parts of the operator arm.

Clean Your Solar Panel

Use glass cleaner: Clean the glass on your solar panel to remove any algae, mold, mildew, or dirt that may have accumulated throughout the year. Keeping your solar panel glass clean helps to maximize the potential charging ability of the panel which is more important during the winter months as the number of hours of unobstructed sunlight hitting the panel decreases.

Replace Batteries in Wireless Accessories 


Change out the batteries in your wireless keypadsremote transmitters, and wireless vehicle sensor every year to ensure trouble-free operation.

Lubricate Gate Hinges

Consider Lithium Based Grease: Keeping your gates swinging easily and freely is very important so that your gate opener system continues to work correctly. If your ball-bearing gate hinges are binding, out of grease, or become difficult to move as the temperature drops, your gate opener system may treat this as an obstruction. As the temperature warms up, the hinges may free up some and then the gate opener system may then begin operating again, but the problem still remains in that you need to add some grease or lubrication to your gate hinges.
We suggest removing the pin from the front of the operator and working the grease into the gate hinges as much as possible. Lithium-based grease tends to work well in many applications as it handles the changes in temperature better than some other types of grease. Don’t forget to put the front clevis pin back into the front of the operator when you have finished greasing the hinges.

Now, Let’s Get Started!

A little gate maintenance at least once a year helps you avoid having running into problems when you need the gate operator the most. Give us a call if you have any further questions about this process!