Decorative Gate Opener Systems with Included Battery Box

Adding a decorative gate to your home is an easy way to improve the curb appeal of your property. Automating this gate with a decorative gate opener system will further enhance the convenience and peace of mind of everyone in your family. A GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate opener system is the ultimate DIY solution to work within your lifestyle. Our systems contain an unsurpassed list of convenient features and capabilities that are not available from any other brand.

Our decorative gate opener systems, including DTP Single and DEP dual models, are engineered to be installed on decorative driveway entry gates that are typically constructed of steel, iron, or aluminum. These premium residential operators:

  • Provide opening capabilities for almost any decorative gate installation
  • Include hardware optimized for decorative gate installations
  • Allow an out-of-sight installation location for the included battery box kit (ABBT) with internal batteries (AXBT) and the included battery harness.
  • DTP1, DTP1XP, and DEP2 Kits ship with one AXBT 12V 7Ah battery and include room for a second battery that is not included.
  • DEP2XP Kit ships in two boxes and includes two AXBT 12V 7Ah batteries in this kit.
  • Easily recharge with the included resettable AC transformer that can be plugged into any 120V AC outlet (weatherproof box not included) for constant recharging day or night
  • Can be recharged by optional solar panel(s), if AC power is not available or easily accessible
  • Dual gate opener kits open or close both gates either in sequence or in tandem
  • Are compatible with all genuine GHOST CONTROLS accessories