DD2U Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Dual Decorative or Tube Gates

GHOST CONTROLS® DD2U automatic gate opener systems are the perfect solution for any decorative gate used to access your home. These innovative gate opener systems were designed to be the superior solution for home and property owners wishing to automate their decorative or ornamental style gates while being the easiest system to install. REQUIRES 12-VOLT BATTERY, not included in kit.

All of these DD2U systems:

  • First arm includes 6 foot power/control cable. Second arm includes 30 foot power/control cable.
  • Include two AXP1 5-Button Premium Remote Transmitters
  • Include two estate mounting hardware optimized for decorative gate installations
  • Include four AXTB Tube Gate Brackets optimized for tube gate installations
  • Require a 12-Volt automotive style battery or can use optional (not included) ABBT2 Battery Box Kit with two 12-Volt 7.0 Amp Hour batteries and 4 foot power harness included
  • Feature easy access to (and lockable) system control box. Click here to see a video of the control box.
  • Offer the ability to recharge the battery from an AC power source within 1000 feet of the control box to plug with the included resettable transformer or from optional AXDP Solar Panel, if AC power is unavailable
  • Feature capacities and specifications specifically tailored to easily open and close almost all ornamental or decorative style gates up to 20 ft. long. Click here for maximum specs.
  • Includes integrated receiver and external antenna
  • System certified to 7th Edition UL325 Standard (in effect August 1, 2018)

Additional accessories can be added to customize your installation including a wireless keypad, vehicle sensor, or pushbutton.

Click here for the DS1U Single Decorative Gate Opener Kit.

Click here for the instruction manual for the DD2U Kit on our support website.


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What is the maximum capacity of a DS1U or DD2U gate opener system?

Please refer to the image below.  This maximum rating assumes that your gate(s) swings level and freely throughout its entire range of motion, DO NOT use a wheel for support, and are not solid panel gates.