DEP2XP Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Dual Decorative Gates

GHOST CONTROLS® DEP2XP automatic gate opener systems are the perfect solution for any decorative gate used to access your home. These innovative gate opener systems were designed to be the superior solution for home and property owners wishing to automate their decorative or ornamental style gates while being the easiest system to install. All of these DTP systems:

Additional accessories can be added to customize your installation including a wireless keypad, vehicle sensor, or pushbutton.

Click here for the DTP1 Single Decorative Gate Opener Kit.

Click here for the DEP2 Instruction Manual on our support website.

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What is the maximum capacity of a DTP1, DTP1XP, or DEP2 gate opener system?

Please refer to the image below.  This maximum rating assumes that your gate(s) swings level and freely throughout its entire range of motion, DO NOT use a wheel for support, and are not solid panel gates.