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Installing a gate at your home will add a sense of security to your house or property but automating this gate with a GHOST CONTROLS® Automatic Gate Opener System will add exclusivity and convenience to your home. Installing this system yourself will impress your friends and family.  Our company and certified technical support team are here to make that a simple reality.

This section focuses on providing educational resources for the planning, decision making, installation process and ongoing maintenance of your automatic gate opener system. We will continually update and improve this section as we add or update our product line and receive feedback from our customers, so we encourage you to check back often.

If you are already a GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate opener system owner, thank you for your trust in our products. Our support section focuses on providing helpful support not only from our internal team, but from other users like you. We hope you will join in the conversations and let us know how we can make your system even better.