Automatic Gate Opener Kits and Accessories

Ghost Controls offers complete automatic gate opener kits, individual system pieces and a full line of accessories to ensure your DIY gate opener fits your exact needs and budget.

You can browse the automatic gate opener kits and accessories below, click on the product lines from the drop-down menu above or contact our experienced sales team to get started.

Heavy Duty Tubular Gate Opener Kits

The GHOST CONTROLS TSS1 Single, TSS1XP Solar SingleTDS2 Dual Kit , and the TDS2XP Solar Dual kits are designed to be the premier solution for the do-it-yourselfer who is installing these automatic gate opener kits onto tubular style gates. These kits feature unique benefits including:

  • The capability to open and close any commercially available tubular gate up to 20 ft. in length or 900 lbs. Please see our graduated scale.
  • Patent-pending tube-gate brackets that allow you to easily bolt it to any round tubular gate without requiring you to drill through your gate.
  • The ability to choose any battery(not included in kit) type/style that you desire such as deep cycle marine or automotive batteries sold at your local retailer or 12V 7 Amp Hour sealed lead-acid batteries contained in our optional accessory ABBT2 Battery Box Kit.
  • One Standard Remote transmitter included in single kits
  • Two Standard Remote transmitters included in dual kits
TSS1 Kit


Architectural Series Gate Opener Kits

All of these Architectural Series automatic opener kits:

  • Offer a longer length than tubular gate opener kits and a premium motor to move heavy decorative gates up to 1000 lbs.
  • Offer our AXP1 Premium 5-Button Remote Controls for the ultimate convenience in controlling your gate from your car or truck.
    • One Premium Remote Transmitter included in single kits
    • Two Premium Remote Transmitters included in dual kits

The DTP1 Single, DTP1XP Single Solar,  DEP2 Dual, and the DEP2 Dual Solar kits by GHOST CONTROLS are designed to provide automation to almost any decorative gate at your home. These kits include:

  • Our ABBT Battery Box Accessory Kit with one 12V 7Amp Hour battery can be easily mounted to a post below your control box for a clutter free installation. (Note-The DEP2XP kit includes two batteries because we recommend all dual solar kits use two 7Ah batteries.)
  • Estate bracket hardware designed for decorative gates.
DTP1 Kit

The DS1U Single Kit and DD2U Dual Kits differ from the kits above because they:

  • DO NOT include a battery so that you have the freedom to choose either an automotive style 12V battery or utilize our ABBT Battery Kits with one or two 12V 7.0Ah batteries
  • DO Include both AXTB Brackets for tubular gate installations and Estate brackets for decorative or ornamental gates.



Premium Estate Gate Opener Kits

AVAILABLE IN 2019 Through Professional Dealers

The GHOST CONTROLS HEP1 single kit is an ideal solution for any heavy gate or gate that is attached to a column. These Professional kits:

  • Feature a longer overall dimension than our tubular or decorative style gate opener kits to allow you to move the heaviest gates.
  • Include some of our most popular accessories for a complete system in one box.
  • Include battery box kit (REQUIRES one or two 12V Batteries to be added, not included) for a complete solution when you purchase these kits.
  • Include all of the necessary brackets and mounting hardware to attach to most gates without requiring any welding.
  • Require low-voltage wire for connection to resettable AC transformer or can be connected to AXDP Premium Solar Panel Kit (not included).


An automatic gate opener system is designed so that you can customize the capabilities of your installation with a complete line of accessories.  If you are unsure of the options available, please click here for an interactive kit builder. A complete line of GHOST CONTROLS® accessories are available including:

AXR1 Water Resistant Remote Transmitter

The GHOST CONTROLS® AXR1 3 Button Water Resistant Remote Transmitter is the ideal transmitter for use on outdoor vehicles such as ATVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts, and even Horses because of its IP54 Water Resistance Rating.  This 3 Button Remote includes Glow-In-The-Dark button that can be illuminated by ambient light, a universal mounting clamp for round or square tubing, and a visor clip.  This remote provides convenient and long range operation of your system by securely communicating through ZombieCode to conveniently trigger opening and closing of two different gates. This remote can be quickly added as an additional remote into an existing system without requiring you to open the main system control box

AXP1 Premium
Remote Transmitter

AXP1The GHOST CONTROLS® AXP1 5 Button Premium Remote Transmitter is a long-range remote control that utilizes ZombieCode™ to securely open and close two different gates. This is the only remote transmitter on the market that can:

  • Enable/Disable PartyMode®
  • Provide battery diagnostics for your system battery
  • Be quickly added as an additional remote into an existing system without requiring you to open the main system control box

AXS1 Standard
Remote Transmitter

AXS1 3-Button Standard Remote Control-WCThe GHOST CONTROLS® AXS1 3 Button Standard Remote Transmitter provides convenient and long range operation of your system by securely communicating through ZombieCode to conveniently trigger opening and closing of two different gates. This remote can be quickly added as an additional remote into an existing system without requiring you to open the main system control box

Premium Wireless Keypad

AXWK-WCGHOST CONTROLS® Premium Wireless Keypads allow access to your property when a secure access code is entered. These keypads also allow specific features and functionality to be enabled such as PartyMode®, 1Key™PartyMode Secure™, and VacationMode™.

AXGN Outdoor Mounting Pedestal

AXGN-Gooseneck-WCA simple and convenient solution for adding a Wireless Keypad to any post or column. This bracket is powder-coated aluminum and allows added convenience for access to a keypad from any vehicle

AXZL ZombieLock®

axzl-zombielock-wcThe patent-pending GHOST CONTROLS® ZombieLock® safely secures your property by locking your gate into the closed position. The intelligent controller will disable and confirm the lock has disengaged before allowing the gate operator to begin opening the gate which will prevent damage to your gate or opener if the operator tried to move the gate while a lock remains totally or partially locked.

Solar Systems

AXXP Solar Panel-WCOur systems are designed to operate with Solar Panels providing the primary recharging capabilities for the batteries. These GHOST CONTROLS® high-quality monocrystalline solar panels are available in 10W panels that include an installation bracket and mounting fasteners.

Wired Vehicle Entry/Exit Sensor

AXXV Wired Vehicle Sensor-WCFor the most convenient method of exiting your property, a wired GHOST CONTROLS® Vehicle Sensor will detect a moving vehicle in close proximity and send a signal to your system automatically opening your gate, allowing the vehicle to exit. Especially handy in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

AX2L and AX3L Operator Lock Kits

AX2L Operator Two Lock Security Kit-WCAX3L Operator Lock Kit-WCThe GHOST CONTROLS® Operator Lock Kit provides a replacement rear-mount pin and two  or three padlocks that can be used to lock the operator(s), control box, and/or battery box.