SMART Controls for Ghost Controls Gate Opener Systems


Smart Home and App Control are part of everyone’s life today and in the foreseeable future. The variety of options and new developments in SMART control continue to grow each and every day with new announcements made monthly if not weekly.  The most popular platforms currently in the marketplace are Amazon Alexa and Google Home with Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings  rounding out the top 4 platforms.

All Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems are compatible with a wide range of wired input devices that can be connected to the Ghost Controls gate opener system control board inputs.

If you are interested in connecting one of these devices to your Ghost Controls system, here are some things you should consider prior to purchase:

  1. All gate openers should be operated only when the gate opener system is clearly visible in your line of sight to avoid injuries to humans, livestock, pets, or damage to property such as cars or trucks in the path of the moving gate.
  2. Most gate openers are installed beyond the range of your home WiFi system so most if not all “SMART controls” systems require you to solve this issue of getting a reliable signal to your smart system.
  3. Wired ‘dry-contact’ (no power) connections are the only acceptable inputs to Ghost Controls opener system. 
  4. The Ghost Controls System DOES NOT provide a power output for a third-party device. This means that you must account for and solve your power requirements for any devices connected to your gate opener system using a different source of power than your gate opener battery and recharging system (solar or transformer).
  5. Establishing a reliable power source for solar gate opener installations can be particularly difficult and often expensive because these “always on” SMART devices often consume a large amount of power at all times, even when the sun is down.  To account for this, large amounts of solar power and a large power storage device (battery system) that works for several days in the event of a storm must be planned into the total cost of your smart system. (The ismartgate controller requires AC power to operate.)
  6. The Ghost Controls Technical Support Team will NOT provide technical support for third-party devices.  We will only provide guidance on which terminals on the Ghost Controls system control board that you should connect your device to.
  7. Most third-party devices including ismartgate require AC Power and must be mounted inside of the home or inside of a waterproof enclosure.

With this in mind, our team is aware of several different third-party devices that can be connected to control Ghost Controls gate opener systems. Ghost Controls is an authorized dealer of ismartgate.

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