Product Support

Customer support is a top priority at GHOST CONTROLS®. All Ghost Controls products were designed to be reliable and as easy to use as we could possibly make them but we realize that sometimes a little additional help is needed during installation or for troubleshooting an issue with your system.


For Help at any time, Please Visit our Support Site at:

We include easy to follow instructions on how to use and install all of our products with every automatic gate opener kit and accessory that we sell. In addition, we provide other online resources designed to to answer most questions that a customer might have concerning purchasing, product quality, installation, etc. at

Please visit this site for:

  • The latest version of all of our instruction manuals
  • A large number of additional online only articles available for installing and programming your gate opener system
  • Links to videos that may make it easier for you to understand a concept
  • Tips from users with similar issues that can help walk you through a solution

If you cannot find what you are looking for or feel more comfortable picking up the phone and talking with an expert, please contact our technical support team at 850-898-1411 during the hours of 8am-5pm Eastern Time.