Heavy Duty Gate Opener Systems

The GHOST CONTROLS Heavy Duty Gate Opener Systems are optimized to be the preeminent do-it-yourself gate opener solution to install on any commercially available tubular or agricultural style gate. Many of our customers utilize these systems in areas where AC power is not easily accessible. These systems have been designed from the beginning for solar power as the primary recharging source for the batteries. Extremely low standby power combined with external automotive style battery enables these units to be reliable solutions in installations that may not be frequently or easily accessible.

TSS1 Single Kit and TDS2 Dual Kits Feature

  • Mounting hardware optimized for almost any tubular gate opener system installation
  • Large external automotive battery (not included) or optional ABBT Battery Box  allows optimal performance in Solar Powered Installations
  • System control box that is easily accessible without any tools required, but can be easily locked if desired. Click here to see a video of the control box.
  • An included AC to DC transformer for recharging the batteries when line AC power is available within 1000 feet of the installation (low voltage wire sold separately)
  • Compatibility with any of the genuine GHOST CONTROLS accessories available to custom tailor your installation needs

These opener systems are also capable of opening many lighter weight decorative gates.

Click here to see our installation overview video filled with tips and tricks to getting your system up and running quickly.