Employee Spotlight: Ian Kelley, Gate Opener QA Technician

Employee Spotlight: Ian Kelley, Gate Opener QA Technician

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The Ghost Controls family is committed to serving our customers with a team of dedicated individuals whose personalities and work ethics collectively uplift the culture. Ian Kelley, who has been an employee of Ghost Controls automatic gate openers for over 7 years, is certainly no exception. Ian works in shipping as a QA Technician, and as a member of the team, he deals with international imports and exporting our electric driveway gate opener products to national retailers. In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we showcase Ian's commitment to excellence and teamwork at Ghost Controls.

Through his contributions to Ghost Controls, Ian works hard to be a team player and enjoys helping the people around him to make the company run efficiently. In addition to his commitment to Ghost Controls and delivering quality driveway gate products, Ian recently won a gold medal for golf in the 2022 USA Special Olympics. We sat down with him to explore who he is and how Ghost Controls has shaped his experiences.

For Ian, contributing to Ghost Controls isn’t just about success, but being part of a community that makes a collective difference. “I think for me, it’s about giving back to the company,” Ian tells us, “When I started working here, I had to learn that making a contribution is about support. I was supported by a great group of people who gave me an opportunity to appreciate the value of teamwork. Now that I’ve gained so much experience, every contribution that I make to our team’s success feels rewarding to me because it's a way to share my expertise with others.” Ian not only contributes to work in our warehouse, but helps out anywhere he’s needed, like helping to package single and dual gate openers.

At Ghost Controls, our culture is based on strong connections and teamwork. Ian feels a strong appreciation for what our team can accomplish and has great expectations for the future: “The team culture is everything. Everyone makes a difference. When we’re at the office, it’s gametime; we make sure we’re focused on communication and helping each other to avoid mistakes.” 

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Ian believes that by coming together as a family, Ghost Controls provides more than just a place to work for its employees. “When we’re focusing on everything we need to do, this company becomes something bigger than it is. We started in 2015 as a small collective of people who were inspired to uplift the community with battery powered gate openers, and in 2022, it’s amazing to see what we’ve accomplished by growing our family,” he says.

“Everyone deserves credit at Ghost Controls for creating this culture. This company is going in a positive direction, and will continue to do so in the future.”

Ian participated at the Special Olympics recently, competing against thousands of hopeful competitors. In the last round, he was up by one stroke, but achieved an impressive victory, winning by 4 strokes. When asked about his win, Ian said “My whole team won something, and to me, that’s what's most important. It’s not about what I did - It’s about what we did as a team”. 

He was team captain for Team Florida, and his devotion to the team was apparent. Ian’s father is Ghost Controls’ own CEO, Joe Kelley. During the interview, Ian tells us how his Dad “was my caddy the whole time, and that’s something I would’ve never dreamed about, because my dad got me into playing golf when I was three years old. Now, to win a gold medal 23 years later with him by my side is nothing I could have imagined in my life”. In addition to his extraordinary accomplishment, he will be playing internationally in Germany for the world games next year, and we are excited to see what more he’ll achieve.

When asked about his favorite memory at Ghost Controls, Ian was reminded of a particular team meeting. He told us how great it was to witness the recognition given to his father by the team: “I have never been so proud of my dad, and seeing his dream of owning a company fully realized was phenomenal”. Over time, he’s realized that working here with the people he loves and cares about is his greatest memory, and that just being a part of our team over the years has been a gift.

We’re grateful for everything Ian’s done for Ghost Controls, and will continue to value him as a part of our family, just like every amazing employee who contributes to providing the best driveway single swing gates and dual gates to our customers! See the rest of our Employee Spotlight collection to learn more about who Ghost Controls is as a company.

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