Tips for Solar Installations

  • Solar panels should be mounted so that foliage growth such as tree leaves, tree branches, or weeds do not cover the solar panel in a shadow at any point during the day.
  • Solar panels should be cleaned periodically to remove any snow, dirt, grime, mold, or mildew that accumulates and deteriorates the performance of the panel.
  • Watch the power LED indicator on the GHOST CONTROLS® system controller to help align the panel properly for maximum charging potential.
  • Solar panels should be pointed true South when located in the Northern Hemisphere to maximize sunlight.
  • A 12V deep cycle marine/trolling motor battery purchased at your local retailer is the best solution for solar applications.
  • DO NOT connect solar panel wires directly to a battery
  • Several cloudy/rainy/snowy days in a row may cause the batteries to be depleted if you continue to operate at the same rate.  You may need to top off the batteries on an automatic car charger to keep your system operating correctly.
Add a AXDP 10 Watt Solar Panelor AX30 30 Watt Solar Panel to recharge your battery for your Ghost Gate System.