GhostCode® is the secure technology inside of your GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate controller. This proprietary software scheme is only available on the GHOST CONTROLS® single and dual automatic gate controllers.

GhostCode® only allows authorized remote transmitters, keypads, and vehicle sensors to activate your gate system. This proprietary system has over 4 Million possible combinations of codes to keep your system safe.

GhostCode® was designed by our team for ease of use and security. Once you have one remote transmitter activated, GhostCode™ makes it easy to add as many remote transmitters or keypads to your system as you desire with just the touch of a button.

GhostCode® is compatible and inherent with the following GHOST CONTROLS® accessories: AXS1, AXP1, AXWK, AXXV, AXWV and AXZL.

Use of non-genuine GHOST CONTROLS parts or accessories that do not contain GhostCode™ are not compatible and may void the warranty of your system.