Choosing to use Solar

Installing a GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate opener system that uses solar panels to recharge your 12 volt battery is very easy.

A large number of our customers prefer a solar powered gate opener system because:

  • Utilizing Solar Power is an environmentally responsible choice by the owner to remain off the “grid” of your local power company.
  • Some installations are unable to reach an AC power point within 1000 feet of the gate opener installation.
  • Some customers do not wish to incur the expense, time, and labor necessary to trench over long distances (up to 1,000 feet) and bury the low voltage wire inside of PVC conduit from your AC transformer to gate operator control box.
  • Solar power adds flexibility to installing a gate opener system in almost any location in the world, regardless of the type of AC power or infrastructure available.
  • Many installations in the United States are eligible for Federal/Local tax credits.
  • Your gate installation may utilize up to three 10 Watt GHOST CONTROLS solar panels connected in parallel or one 30 Watt panel to maximize your charging potential.
  • For solar installations, we suggest purchasing a deep cycle marine/trolling motor battery and battery box at your local retailer.
  • DO NOT connect a solar panel directly to a battery.

For solar installations, GHOST CONTROLS® recommends installing only our AXDP 10W solar panel or AX30 30W to maintain optimal performance for your gate opener system. Although one 10W solar panel is sufficient in many environments, you can add multiple solar panels in parallel (up to three 10W panels) or use one AX30 30W Solar Panel to maximize your recharging potential especially in areas where sunlight can be limited during certain seasons.