Storm Proofing Your Gate and Gate Opener

Essential Tips for Protection/ Gate Opener Security in Stormy Times:

Your Hurricane Checklist 

As hurricane season looms on the horizon, nature’s fury can strike at any time. 

While controlling the weather is not in our hands, we can surely control how prepared we are to face it. 

During this crucial time, safeguarding our loved ones and home becomes crucial—and that includes protecting our valuable investment such as your gates and automatic gate openers.

Being well-prepared for the unpredictable can make all the difference in the face of a powerful storm.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through a few essential steps of hurricane preparedness including how you can secure your gates and our heartfelt support for those affected. 

  1. Disconnect and Remove the Opener Arm  
    Although your gate opener acts as a standing guard at your entrance, it also needs a rest when storms are on the horizon.

    Disconnect and remove the opener arm from your gate, which will prevent potential damage from strong winds or debris. This reduces the risk of the arm being twisted or bent during the storm. 

  2. Secure the Gate With Chains 
    Imagine this: your gate dancing wildly to the chaotic rhythm of a storm. Wouldn’t it be dismaying to see that?

    To remedy this, you need to lock your gate in either the fully open or fully closed position, and sturdy chains are your trusted ally in this. 

    It will help your gate from swinging wildly, which further reduces the risk of damage to both the gate and the opener. 

  3. Turn Off Control & Battery Boxes
    Your Ghost Controls gate opener is a marvel of technology, yet even the most exceptional machines need a moment of respite. So, locate the control and battery boxes and gracefully turn them off.

    This will not only conserve battery power but also shield delicate components from potential power surges and water intrusion.

  4. Zip Tie or Lock Control and Battery Boxes
    With storm season approaching, you’d want your Ghost Controls automatic gate opener to have a reliable costume - a protective cover.

    For this, you can use zip ties or locks to fasten the covers of both the control and battery boxes. It will prevent the covers from blowing off in high winds, which could expose sensitive components to the elements.  

  5. Unplug the AC Power Source 
    If your gate opener is powered by an AC source connected to an outlet, unplug it. This will safeguard your gate opener from potential electrical issues caused by power fluctuations. 

Wrapping Up

As we stand on the cusp of storm and hurricane season, our homes and families deserve protection when the elements rage. 

And the lesson here is simple—preparedness matters. 

The stormy weather will test us, but with the aforementioned tips, you are in a better place to face whatever comes your way. Our thoughts and heartfelt support go out to everyone affected during these times, as we all stand together against the forces that nature presents.  

Nature may have its chaotic whims, but we have ourpreparednessandingenuity- a powerful duo in the face of the storm’s symphony. 

So, stay safe, stay prepared, and keep your automatic gate opener protected!