Celebrating Father's Day with Ghost Controls®

Celebrating Father's Day with Ghost Controls®

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With Father's Day coming up, Ghost Controls® is focused on giving back not only to our loyal customers and local charities, but also the members of our team who are fathers themselves. At Ghost Controls®, we are a close knit family and believe in upholding family values. Our company's own President, Joe Kelley, is a proud father himself, his son Ian working as a QA Technician. We are committed to embedding these values of appreciation into our company culture as a thank you to all of the fathers-- past, present, and future-- who choose to invest in the Ghost Controls® family.

Frank Langford and his son Jack are the epitome of the Ghost Controls® mission. Frank has been a longtime employee of the company and is a father. By bringing his son to the office to show him the meaning of being a dedicated worker, Frank invests in Jack's future and teaches him why hard work, learning new things, and being a team player contribute to the success of a business.

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Always lighthearted, Frank is one of many Ghost Controls® employees who work together to create an impassioned and enjoyable workplace. Introducing his young son to the concept that responsibility and purpose do not have to be without happiness will have a positive outcome for Jack's outlook on professional life.

The leadership and love that fathers provide is also a great part of our customer experience; when we sell our reliable DIY driveway gate openers to you, we do it knowing that you'll feel satisfaction after installing a unit of your own. Many fathers who invest in Ghost Controls® automatic gate openers get to share this satisfaction with sons and daughters who may learn a valuable lesson from their Dad in the process. Knowing that we supply a product that trusts the ingenuity and resourcefulness of fathers everywhere to get the job done makes our team at Ghost Controls® work together for a deeper purpose than simply designing quality innovative technology solutions!

By taking the experience and sincerity of the many fathers working at Ghost Controls® and learning from it, we grow as an organization and understand the significance that Dads everywhere hold in our communities. This Father's Day, we want to send a heartfelt thank you to those important people in our lives from everyone in the Ghost Controls® family. To those who use our products and services to make profound differences in their children's lives, we hope that you'll continue to do so. To each key member of the improvement process at our company, thank you for providing us with wisdom and integrity that we can all admire.

Happy Father's Day!

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*Limited lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly.

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