Introducing the Future of Gate Automation:  Ghost Controls® Innovative New SMART App Is Here

Introducing the Future of Gate Automation: Ghost Controls® Innovative New SMART App Is Here

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At Ghost Controls®, we don’t just want to keep up with the times, we want to set the pace. Today, we are ecstatic to unveil a game-changing addition to our lineup—the brand-new Ghost Controls App! 

Imagine having the power to control your gate from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are*. With our latest app, we’re not just pushing the boundaries; we’re rewriting the rules of gate automation. What’s more, we’re ready to spill the beans on all the exciting details. 

Your Gateway to Effortless Control 

Imagine never having to rush to your gate again or wonder whether you left it open. With the Ghost Controls mobile application, you can open and close your gate with a single tap. 

Here are some features of the Ghost Controls app: 

- There are three ways to connect: Bluetooth, WIFI and Internet.Most will utilize the Bluetooth feature only unless you can get your home internet at your gate. 

- Remote Control at Your Fingertips:No more rushing to your gate whenever someone comes over. Simply reach your phone and go to your Ghost Controls application and grant access with just a tap. 

- Share Gate Keys with Ease:Keep the neighborhood vibe alive by sharing gate access with friends and family in seconds, ensuring everyone can enter the property hassle-free. 

- *VacationMode®:Enhance peace of mind while you’re vacationing! Activate Vacation Mode to secure your home during the trip. Rest easy, knowing your gate is in secure hands, even when you’re unwinding yourself and soaking up in the sun on a beach.  

- PartyMode®:Ready to host a barbecue dinner or a party? Party Mode has your back. Easily configure your automatic gate opener to provide seamless access for all your guests, so the good times never stop. 

- *Automate Your Gate: With customizable gate automation, you can tailor your gate’s behavior to your preferences, be it opening or closing at a specific time or under certain conditions. 

- Manage Multiple Gates with Ease:Have more than one Ghost Controls gate to manage? Worry not! The Ghost Controls app empowers you to oversee and control multiple gates from a single, intuitive interface. Please keep in mind that each gate would have to have the Ghost MultiConnect® kit attached to the control board.

- *Stay Informed with Notifications:Know who and when someone is at your gate. Receive instant notifications about gate activity, ensuring you’re always in the loop. No matter where you are, you’ll always know who’s coming and going. 

- Gate Diagnostics:When it comes to gate maintenance, the Ghost Controls app has got your back. The app provides valuable gate diagnostics, giving you insights into its performance and ensuring it’s always in excellent condition.  

Elevate Your Gate Experience Today! 

In the world of gate automation, the Ghost Controls app is your ticket to a secure, enhanced, and utterly effortless gate experience. 

So, download the Ghost Controls® app today on the Apple Store or Google Play Store and discover a new level of comfort and peace of mind for your property.

*WiFi and Internet features only


To learn more about the features of Ghost MultiConnect® click here. 

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