Ghost Multi Connect™ Kit with Smart Control for Ghost Gate Openers

Ghost Multi Connect™ Kit with Smart Control for Ghost Gate Openers

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The newest addition to the Ghost Controls family is the Ghost Multi Connect™ technology, which will allow you to access your gate opener's function from anywhere in the world. Upgrading your Ghost Controls system is easier than ever before. No external bridge or hub is needed, it's all built into the device. Installation is as simple as adding a Ghost Multi Connect™ kit (which comes with an upgraded RED control board) to your current Ghost Controls gate system, along with downloading our customized app free on Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store.

multi control unit

Linking your device to Ghost Multi Connect™ By connecting your Ghost Controls automatic gate opener to your mobile device, you can operate your driveway gate without the need for a physical remote, and from the comfort of your own home.

Establishing an internet connection allows the user to activate any driveway swing gate opening function such as Party Mode™ while away from a home network or even on vacation. The benefits of each type of connectivity make Ghost Multi Connect™ ready for any situation:

  • Bluetooth allows you to control your gates even when Wi-Fi is not available at your gates or when the internet service is down.
  • Wi-Fi  connectivity to your home network with your customized Ghost app allowing you to control your gates from anywhere within your house. In this mode, no data goes through the internet.
  • Internet connectivity lets you control and monitors your gates from anywhere in the world. (wifi only)
  • All of these features work in parallel with your traditional Ghost Controls remote transmitter.

Downloading the customizable app powered by Remootio on your device gives you simple and convenient remote capability, as well as the ability to create and share Keys for frequent visitors and Guest Keys for single use. To receive a key, each member only needs to scan a QR code from the primary user's app with his or her camera.

If your guest does not have the Remootio app downloaded, this QR code will direct them to where they can access it. If the app is already downloaded, simply using the "Receive new key" button in the app's interface will use the device's camera to quickly scan the given QR code and apply Ghost functionality to the app. 

Our Ghost technology adds a new level of functionality to the Remootio app. Being a Ghost Multi Connect™ user allows for fast and accurate diagnostics checks for your single or dual gate opener when and wherever you need them. Ghost Controls customers with Ghost Multi Connect™ will now be able to receive live updates on the health of their batteries, solar panel efficacy, and functionality of the gate operators themselves. This makes for easier, more effective troubleshooting for your swing gate operators. 

Along with the added benefit of user diagnostics checks, our Ghost smart technology will ensure that you receive the most effective customer service by allowing diagnostic information to be sent directly to Ghost Controls tech support with your permission through the app's settings.

Ghost Multi Connect™ capability with the Remootio app adds significant value to the idea of the traditional remote transmitter by including a list of features that separates your mobile device from simply opening and closing your electric driveway gate. With the app, your mobile device will be able to display the status of each gate leaf, showing an illustration of your gate whether they are open or closed.

Accompanying Party Mode and Vacation Mode capability is the capacity to schedule time frames for your gate to be open and status notifications to update you when your gate is in use. Overall, having Ghost Multi Connect™ with the Remootio app on your mobile device is similar to having a Premium remote transmitter, but with even more substantial features added. 

Ghost Multi Connect™ is Solar Capable with the recommended 30 Watt AX30 Solar Panel and a Deep Cycle Marine Battery.

Looking to learn more about Ghost Controls® solar gate openers and gate opener accessories? 

Ghost Controls offers a wide array of reliable driveway swing gate openers, including chain link gate openers. For years, customers have asked for an alternative for slow, unreliable, and noisy operators. At Ghost Controls we have worked hard with innovations in Noise Reduction, Speed, and Reliability on our heavy duty electric gate openers. Additionally, we provide all of our customers with the opportunity to share our love of solar powered renewable energy by converting their systems into a solar automatic gate opener. Using a solar operator is a great way to go off the grid and provide your system with endless clean energy for your remote gate opener.

Speed, and Reliability:

  • Quiet – motor noise is accurately correlated to quality in the mechanical and electronic design. All our openers have a maintenance free gear box and motor. They were designed for smooth, quiet operation regardless of the age and cycles of the battery powered gate opener.
  • Fast – Our mechanical design and new radio frequency offer superior range offering a greater level of convenience for customers.
  • Invincible (Limited Life-Time Warranty) – The motor is one of the most critical components to ensure reliability and longevity. We back our proprietary gear motors with a limited lifetime warranty. No other product in the market can make this claim.

GHOST CONTROLS® single and double swing gate openers are designed and manufactured with pride, delivering the highest quality product and customer support in the industry. We believe in our products with our limited lifetime warranty on each solar compatible dual or single gate opener*. Our corporate philosophy is; steadfast commitment to our customers, culture, products, and people.

*Limited lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly.

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