How Wind Can Affect Your Automatic Gate Opener

How Wind Can Affect Your Automatic Gate Opener

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The weather is often an unpredictable factor that can complicate many outdoor installations and have negative effects on property structures. One of the most common occurrences that may cause problems for certain setups is strong or sustained winds. It is important to know the wind conditions you'll be regularly facing when deciding to automate your gate, as the kind of gate you have may catch the wind more intensely than others. 

Tube Gates

Most commonly found on farm-style properties, tube gates are made with minimalistic structures to allow for simple utility. This classification of gate is usually light, durable, and perfect for rural work, such as leading livestock to and from the area.

Wind conditions in certain rural areas can be harsh at times, especially in plains regions. However, most of these conditions will have a marginal effect on your electric driveway gate and remote gate opener due to the build of a typical tube gate. Most tube gates will require one of the T-Series of Ghost Controls® automatic gate openers, which will hold a standard driveway single swing gate in its closed position reliably.

Decorative & Column Mounted Gates

Decorative gates are used for mostly residential purposes and have more elaborate designs to draw curb appeal. Some decorative gates will have complex ironworking in their structure, and others may have a more simple layout. However, most of these gates will be naturally heavier than their farm-style counterparts. If a decorative gate has solid panels in its design, meaning that 30% or more of the gate has a covered surface area, you may encounter some problems in windy conditions.

When the wind is blowing more harshly than normal, gate leaves can be caught and swing freely if there are limited gaps in their designs. Using a solid panel gate will leave less gaps for air to pass through the driveway gate, meaning wind will apply more pressure to the structure. You may plan to use an automatic gate opener from either our D-Series or Pro Series for decorative gates or from the Manor Series for column mounted gates, and these are all reliable choices for handling most strain from wind conditions.

It is always important to consider that Ghost Controls® single and dual gate openers are assembled with strength and durability in mind, but are not always suited for the most intense conditions. When paired with solid panels gates, the force of the wind against the panels may cause your swing gate operator more strain than it can handle, leading to costly damage.

Choosing A Ghost Controls® System In Windy Areas

Should you make the decision to buy a Ghost Controls® automatic gate opener if your area has frequent winds or bad weather? The answer should be determined by your single or double swing gate itself. Solid panel designs will heighten your chances of needing to replace of repair a gate opener system due to the aforementioned factors, which is why at Ghost Controls®, we only recommend investing in a kit for normal tube or decorative gates with slotted structures.

Warranty Information

Every setup is unique, and our customers may use their Ghost Controls® automatic gate openers at their own discretion. However, being aware of any risks and general guidelines will greatly assist in a safe and reliable operation. If you still choose to install our system on a full panel gate, we will honor the warranty for your accessories and control board, BUT we will NOT be able to honor the warranty on your gate opener arm and mounting hardware.

Looking to learn more about Ghost Controls® solar gate openers and gate opener accessories? 

Ghost Controls offers a wide array of reliable driveway swing gate openers, including chain link gate openers. For years, customers have asked for an alternative for slow, unreliable, and noisy operators. At Ghost Controls we have worked hard with innovations in Noise Reduction, Speed, and Reliability on our heavy duty electric gate openers. Additionally, we provide all of our customers with the opportunity to share our love of solar powered renewable energy by converting their systems into a solar automatic gate opener. Using a solar operator is a great way to go off the grid and provide your system with endless clean energy.

Speed, and Reliability:

  • Quiet – motor noise is accurately correlated to quality in the mechanical and electronic design. All our openers have a maintenance free gear box and motor. They were designed for smooth, quiet operation regardless of the age and cycles of the battery powered gate opener.
  • Fast – Our mechanical design and new radio frequency offer superior range offering a greater level of convenience for customers.
  • Invincible (Limited Life-Time Warranty) – The motor is one of the most critical components to ensure reliability and longevity. We back our proprietary gear motors with a limited lifetime warranty. No other product in the market can make this claim.

GHOST CONTROLS® single and double swing gate openers are designed and manufactured with pride, delivering the highest quality product and customer support in the industry. We believe in our products with our limited lifetime warranty on each solar compatible dual or single gate opener*. Our corporate philosophy is; steadfast commitment to our customers, culture, products, and people.

*Limited lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly.

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