International Solar Day: Investing In Clean Energy

International Solar Day: Investing In Clean Energy

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Today is International Solar Day, and at Ghost Controls®, we're always providing our customers with ways to convert their systems to clean solar energy. Solar power is a preferable alternative to a conventional power source whenever you want to go off the grid. By mounting one of our monocrystalline panels near your system, you can keep it opening and closing with a self-sustaining supply of energy.

The amount of solar capability needed for an automatic gate opener system varies by usage amount and geographic area, but a solar solution is compatible with every Ghost Controls® remote gate opener kit available for purchase. Ghost Controls® has quality solar options that will reliably power your electric driveway gate opener as long as the sun has been out.

If you're interested in turning your Ghost Controls® kit into a solar operator, the process is as simple as purchasing your own solar panel. By investing in one of our premium monocrystalline panels, you have the option to power your driveway single swing gate if the distance from an AC power source is too far. Additionally, you'll be using sustainable energy the same day you unbox your unit with Ghost Controls® easy installation resources. Each panel is shipped with mounting hardware, and wiring the panel to your control box is relatively hassle free.

The AXDP 10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit is the most commonly used solar accessory with swing gate operators. Its smaller size makes it easy to install, but it still has considerable capability. You can additionally find this panel included with the solar varieties of our T-Series of gate operator kits, the TSS1XP and TDS2XP. Including the 10 Watt panels with these popular kits makes them useful for immediately solar powering your driveway gate system without the need to order the panel separately. 

10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit - AXDP

10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit - AXDP


The 10 watt monocrystalline solar panel easily connects into the control box to supply recharging power to the main system batteries. Maximum of 30 watts of solar power can be added to your system 18 Month Warranty *Make sure to… read more

Our larger, most powerful variant of solar panels is the AX30, which has an output of 30 Watts of solar energy and can power gates that require more electricity. For properties in more temperate areas, the lesser amount of sunlight will provide the need for either multiple ADXP solar panels, or a single AX30. The AX30 is not included with any automatic gate opener kits, but will easily integrate with any Ghost Controls® system.

30 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit - AX30

30 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit - AX30


The 30-watt monocrystalline solar panel easily connects into the control box to supply recharging power to the main system batteries. Dimensions of panel: 23-3/4" W x 13-5/8 D Mounts to a 2" or 3” round post (post not included) 12' wire included Pole/Post… read more

International Solar Day is the perfect time for you to upgrade your single or dual gate opener to renewable energy. If you're interested in making the change, click here for some tips and specific requirements for solar installations.

Looking to upgrade your welcome home experience? Add Ghost Controls® gate opener accessories! 

When adding additional accessories to your gate you are adding more convenience. You could add the wireless keypad (AXWK) for easy access for your guests to enter your property. The keypad allows for you to create and give out up to 40 original 4 digit codes. 

When you are considering exiting your property look into adding a wired (AXXV) or wireless vehicle sensor (AXWV). This sensor allows an easy way for you, and your guests to leave the property without having to press a button.

Looking to learn more about Ghost Controls® solar gate openers and gate opener accessories? 

Ghost Controls offers a wide array of reliable driveway swing gate openers, including chain link gate openers. For years, customers have asked for an alternative for slow, unreliable, and noisy operators. At Ghost Controls we have worked hard with innovations in Noise Reduction, Speed, and Reliability on our heavy duty electric gate openers. Additionally, we provide all of our customers with the opportunity to share our love of solar powered renewable energy by converting their systems into a solar automatic gate opener. Using a solar operator is a great way to go off the grid and provide your system with endless clean energy for your remote gate opener.

Speed, and Reliability:

  • Quiet – motor noise is accurately correlated to quality in the mechanical and electronic design. All our openers have a maintenance free gear box and motor. They were designed for smooth, quiet operation regardless of the age and cycles of the battery powered gate opener.
  • Fast – Our mechanical design and new radio frequency offer superior range offering a greater level of convenience for customers.
  • Invincible (Limited Life-Time Warranty) – The motor is one of the most critical components to ensure reliability and longevity. We back our proprietary gear motors with a limited lifetime warranty. No other product in the market can make this claim.

GHOST CONTROLS® single and double swing gate openers are designed and manufactured with pride, delivering the highest quality product and customer support in the industry. We believe in our products with our limited lifetime warranty on each solar compatible dual or single gate opener*. Our corporate philosophy is; steadfast commitment to our customers, culture, products, and people.

*Limited lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly.

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