The Right Solar Output For Your Gate Opener - Southeast U.S.

The Right Solar Output For Your Gate Opener - Southeast U.S.

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So you're considering going solar, but which panels are right for you? Using a solar automatic gate opener is a great decision for any property owner, but sometimes it can be hard to find the right solution. If you're planning on powering your Ghost Controls® automatic gate opener through solar power, we provide customizable options for any setup under the sun. Our 10 watt and 30 watt panels are easy to integrate with your system and keep your batteries powered without the need for an AC power source. 

When your system is powered by solar energy, the type of panel that you install should be indicative of the amount of sunlight you're receiving based on your location. If less sunlight is available where you live on average, more solar cell surface area (larger, or multiple panels) for solar intake will make for a more adequate source of consistent power, and vice versa.

There are a number of things to consider before committing to any kind of solar setup. Every setup will have different specifications based on the region of the United States it is located. This is due to the different climate conditions found around the country that will provide more or less cloud cover over the course of a year. The solar map that we provide at Ghost Controls® is mostly accurate in representing these conditions, but you can also make a decision based on personal experience at your own discretion.

For properties in the Southeast region of the United States, your average level of sunlight will typically place you under Zone 2, with the exception of central and south Florida. This means that you're most likely receiving an average-to-high amount of sun available for powering a driveway single swing gate system, meaning the average system will require less panel output. Judging by this metric, you may find yourself needing less solar capability than customers in more temperate areas. In order to determine exactly which panels are right for you, refer to the chart above.

Based on your number of times that your electric driveway gate opens and closes per week, you may need either multiple 10 Watt panels up to a 20 Watt output. A 30 Watt panel is necessary if even more power is needed for your solar gate opener to produce electricity. Additionally, consider that a dual gate opener will draw more power for every cycle than a single gate opener, which results in less possible cycles over a given period of time.

10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit - AXDP

10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit - AXDP


The 10 watt monocrystalline solar panel easily connects into the control box to supply recharging power to the main system batteries. Maximum of 30 watts of solar power can be added to your system 18 Month Warranty *Make sure to… read more

Choosing to use solar is a great way to use sustainable energy to power your swing gate opener, and provides a reliable source of power that will be available as long as the sun is out. All Ghost Controls® solar panels come with quality assurance and the durability you need to keep your solar operator system powered while off the grid. Invest in our industry-leading AXDP 10 Watt panels and AX30 30 Watt panels to bring your swing gate operator into the future today!

Looking to upgrade your welcome home experience? Add Ghost Controls® remote gate opener accessories! 

When adding additional accessories to your gate operator you are adding more convenience. You could add The wireless keypad (AXWK) for easy access for your guests to enter your property. The keypad allows for you to create and give out up to 40 original 4 digit codes. 

When you are considering exiting your property look into adding a wired (AXXV) or wireless vehicle sensor (AXWV). This sensor allows an easy way for you, and your guests to leave the property without having to press a button.

Looking to learn more about Ghost Controls® solar gate openers and gate opener accessories? 

Ghost Controls offers a wide array of reliable driveway swing gate openers, including chain link gate openers. For years, customers have asked for an alternative for slow, unreliable, and noisy operators. At Ghost Controls we have worked hard with innovations in Noise Reduction, Speed, and Reliability on our heavy duty electric gate openers. Additionally, we provide all of our customers with the opportunity to share our love of solar powered renewable energy by converting their systems into a solar automatic gate opener. Using a solar operator is a great way to go off the grid and provide your system with endless clean energy for your remote gate opener.

Speed, and Reliability:

  • Quiet – motor noise is accurately correlated to quality in the mechanical and electronic design. All our openers have a maintenance free gear box and motor. They were designed for smooth, quiet operation regardless of the age and cycles of the battery powered gate opener.
  • Fast – Our mechanical design and new radio frequency offer superior range offering a greater level of convenience for customers.
  • Invincible (Limited Life-Time Warranty) – The motor is one of the most critical components to ensure reliability and longevity. We back our proprietary gear motors with a limited lifetime warranty. No other product in the market can make this claim.

GHOST CONTROLS® single and double swing gate openers are designed and manufactured with pride, delivering the highest quality product and customer support in the industry. We believe in our products with our limited lifetime warranty on each solar compatible dual or single gate opener*. Our corporate philosophy is; steadfast commitment to our customers, culture, products, and people.

*Limited lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly.

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