POwering Your Gate OPener SYstem

All Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems are BATTERY POWERED by a 12-Volt Battery.  This battery is required and the gate opener system will not operate without a battery installed.

The 12-Volt battery can be recharged with either the Ghost Controls AXTF UL Listed Transformer or AXDP 10-Watt Solar Panel.

GHOST CONTROLS® Premium Solar Panel AXDP

Our AXDP Premium Monocrystalline 10W Solar Panels are a great solution for anyone in a remote location that does not have easy access to 120V 60Hz AC power, or for those who do not want to be “on the grid”. Our panels include mounting hardware for installation on wood fencing and 12 feet of low-voltage wire.  This kit allows a direct connection to the gate controller main board,  providing power for recharging the gate system batteries.

GHOST CONTROLS® has developed an aid to assist in determining the proper number of solar panels for your system and geographic location. PLEASE CLICK to review this document. A marine deep cycle or dual 12V 7Amp Hr batteries provide the storage capacity needed for optimal performance in solar power installations. A larger capacity of battery power allows optimal performance of the gate opener at all times of the day or night when the solar panel may not be providing recharging power to the batteries.

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ABBT Battery Box Kit

The GHOST CONTROLS® ABBT Battery Box Kit is a convenient and attractive solution for your 12V battery storage. This kit is designed to easily mount on the same post as your gate opener system control box so that you do not need to purchase an automotive style battery and box. Because this kit is mounted above the ground on a post or column, this is also an ideal solution for locations where standing water may be present during heavy rains.

Ghost Controls designed a separate lockable battery box to eliminate potential acid leaks damaging the system control board.  It has been our experience for nearly 20 years that leaking acid from batteries causes permanent damage to all internal components of the system controller, no different than those same issues in other consumer products.

The kit includes:

  • One Weather Resistant Battery Box with Sliding Cover
  • One 12V 7.0Amp Hr. Sealed Battery (AXBT) in kit ABBT-1
  • Two 12V 7.0Amp Hr. Sealed Batteries (AXBT) in kit ABBT-2
  • Battery Harness for two batteries with Inline Fuse
  • Four mounting screws for a wood post

Kit ABBT-1 is shown in the image on this page.

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AXBT 12-Volt 7Amp Hr Sealed Lead Acid Battery

All Ghost Controls automatic gate opener systems are compliant to the 7th Edition of the UL325 Standard for Vehicular Entry Gates as a battery-powered device.  All of these systems can use either a large automotive-style battery on the ground or one to two 12-Volt 7.0 Ah sealed lead-acid batteries inside of an ABBT Battery Box that is mounted on your gate.  Because these batteries are the “heart” of the system that makes everything work, we specify that you use a high-performance 12-Volt sealed lead-acid battery in your Ghost Controls system.  Our engineering and design team have tested these batteries to ensure optimal performance over time.

The batteries we offer are sealed valve-regulated to prevent leakage of the battery electrolyte in case your battery box kit is not mounted perfectly level.

Using a lower quality battery is not recommended or approved by Ghost Controls because battery failure has been the number one reason for problems with your automatic gate opener system.

These batteries are backed by a 12-Month limited warranty from the date of purchase.

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