AXUR Universal Receiver Kit

The Ghost Controls AXUR Universal Receiver Kit allows you to connect the receiver to other brands of access control systems or to a Coop Controls system to gain all of the advantages and capabilities of our RF system.  By adding this system to another brand’s access controls system, such as a competitive automatic gate opener system, you will then be able to:

  • Use Ghost Controls AXP1 Premium (included) or AXS1 Standard Remote Transmitters
  • Use a Ghost Controls AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad
  • Use PartyMode to keep your other system open
  • Realize the other benefits of Ghost Controls RF technology including greater distance than almost all competitive systems
  • Continue using your primary systems accessories in parallel to the Ghost Controls accessories

This system requires 12-24V input source to power the main receiver.  The AXUR kit includes spicing connectors to allow you to tap into your existing system 12-24V power system.

Kit includes:

  1. One AXUR Universal Receiver with antenna and mounting screw
  2. One AXP1 Premium Remote Transmitter
  3. One AXWK Keypad (2 C Batteries required and not included)
  4. Instructions for connections to most system
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