Ghost Controls® Gate Operator Security Kits

The unique GHOST CONTROLS® Gate Operator Security Kit is the proven and simplest way to protect your investment from being stolen and to prevent unauthorized people from tampering with the automatic gate opener controller. The replacement Clevis Pin is installed with a padlock on the rear mount of the gate operator and securely locks the operator to the mounting post while the second padlock secures the gate system controller box. Because the locks are keyed the same, it is only necessary to carry one key for complete access to your gate opener system. Knowing that these padlocks utilize commonly available padlock keys will make it easier to get additional keys in the future.


AXLC Locking Clevis Pin

Clevin Pin for Rear Mount that allows padlock to secure gate opener arm to post


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Discontinued-AX2L Security Kit

Used for Automatic Opener Kits Without Internal Battery Boxes

AX2L Operator Two Lock Security Kit-WC

Discontinued-AX3L Security Kit

Used for Automatic Opener Kits With Internal Battery Boxes

AX3L Operator Lock Kit-WC