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AXTB Universal Tube Bracket Kit

The GHOST CONTROLS® Universal Tube Bracket Kit is an ideal solution for easily mounting your gate opener front mount, AXZL ZombieLock®, or a variety of other things to a tubular or chain link gate or fence.  These patent-pending custom steel brackets easily attach with the included fasteners to tube gates with outside diameters of 1-5/8″ to 2″.
  • Each TSS1 or DS1U Single Gate Opener Kit includes one pair of two brackets for mounting the front mount onto a tubular gate.
  • Each TDS2 or DD2U Dual Gate Opener Kit includes two pairs of brackets (a total of four brackets) for mounting the front mount of each operator onto tubular gates.
  • No brackets are included with the AXZL ZombieLock but are recommended to ease the installation.
  • These brackets can be painted to match your gate for improved appearance of your installation.
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