Gate Operator Arm Innovations

We focused on innovating the gate opener design from the very beginning so that you can immediately appreciate it the first time you open or close your gate.  These innovations start at mechanical design of the gearbox in the operator arm.

The proprietary gearbox found in our operators were designed to be quiet and smooth in operation so that you can expect years of trouble-free performance.  We are so confident in our design, that we stand behind our gearboxes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The exposed front mount is made of solid aluminum so that you never have to worry about corrosion causing a failure.  The rear mount is made of solid steel to support the high torque so we encapsulated it inside of the weather-resistant housing to protect it from the elements.

Unique Possibilities

Owning a home with a gate provides a level of exclusivity that we can all appreciate but sometimes you need to accommodate more than just your normal family needs. Our systems feature a number of unique capabilities to accommodate the changing needs of your life such as:

  • PartyMode® to keep your gate open for extended periods of time at the push of a few buttons
  • VacationMode™ to keep your gate closed in case you want to prevent access to your home or property

We encourage you to review the possibilities and let us know how we can better help you.

GhostControl™ Intelligent Innovations

With the innovations across the world in computing power, we decided to pack a punch in our operators unlike anything else on the market.  With a number of patent-pending features and controls, our gate opener systems are not only easy to use and program, but they are designed to be extremely safe for you and your family.

Our systems adapt in an innovative way known as GhostControl™ Intelligence, so that your gate opener can reliably operate in all 4 seasons of the year.  As the temperature drops and your gate hinge lubricant gets thicker and harder to move, our systems will intelligently sense these changes and still open your gate in a safe and reliable manner.  When the temperature warms up and your gate swings easier, our intelligent system will sense this change and still open and close your gate as smoothly as possible.  The only thing you need to do is keep up to date on your gate maintenance on a routine basis and enjoy the control and convenience of our systems.

Improving Lifestyles Through Innovation