PartyMode® is a patent-pending feature of all GHOST CONTROLS® gate operators that opens the gate and keeps it in the open position for as long as you desire, even when AutoClose is turned on, so that your friends and family can enter or exit without needing a gate code or remote transmitter. This feature is easily enabled or disabled using a GHOST CONTROLS®  AXP1 Premium 5-Button Remote Transmitter, the only remote capable of this on the market today. It can also be easily enabled or disabled with our AXWK Premium Wireless Keypadwithout requiring you to disable auto-close or turn off your gate system at the gate system control box.

PartyMode®  was designed for people to easily enable features from the convenience of their vehicle as opposed to opening the control box and finding the correct setting.  This allows easy access for visitors over to their home or property for a holiday party, sporting event, or even for moving livestock between areas of a farm. The extended opening time does not have any maximum time limit and the gate controller provides audible confirmation that it remains active until you disable PartyMode®.

PartyMode® also prevents someone from accidentally closing your gate when you want it to remain open for an extended period of time. Disabling PartyMode® will return your gate opener system to the previously enabled auto-close setting. Your gate will then close at the specified time period.


Available Only On GHOST CONTROLS® Gate Opener Systems

PartyMode Secure®

PartyMode Secure® is a patent-pending feature of all GHOST CONTROLS® gate operators that opens the gate at the touch of any numerical button on the AXWK Wireless Keypad and then will automatically close the gate using your preprogrammed auto-close time period that has been enabled.

PartyMode Secure® is designed for people who like the convenience and peace of mind knowing that their gate is closed but still allow easy access to visitors for a holiday, party, or sporting event. Because auto-close is enabled, the gate will automatically close after the predetermined time period to help keep your pets or livestock contained within your fence. This unique feature is ideal

PartyMode Secure® requires autoclose to be enabled on your gate opener. If autoclose is disabled on your gate opener, please visit our page on 1Key™ to understand this capability.




1Key® is a feature of GHOST CONTROLS® Wireless Keypads that when enabled conveniently allows you, family, and friends to access your property without the need to carry a remote transmitter or remember an access code. When this feature is enabled, any numeral key on the keypad will allow the user to control opening or closing the gate with just one touch.

The GHOST CONTROLS® team designed this feature with convenience in mind for those people who would like to keep their gate operational but need to allow access to other people without providing an access PIN number.  This unique feature is a great solution:

  • For allowing your family and friends access to your property during special occasions
  • To trigger the gate to open when exiting the property for those locations where adding a vehicle sensor may be difficult or impossible
  • To easily grant maintenance or landscaping crews access to your property on a periodic basis without giving them an access code

A simple way to think about 1Key® is to realize that it turns your multi-function keypad into a remote transmitter that is weather-resistant and mounted to a post or column at the entrance to your property.

1Key® requires AutoClose to be disabled on your gate opener. If AutoClose is enabled on your gate opener, please visit PartyMode Secure® section.