Would you like to go on vacation without the worries of someone entering your property with a transmitter that was never returned or a keypad code that you forgot about….well now you can! VacationMode™ (also known as ZombieMode™) can be enabled from a GHOST CONTROLS® keypad and locks out all authorized remote transmitter operation, preventing unwanted entry when you are away from your home or property for extended periods of time. When activated on your gate opener system, the gate controller will still confirm through an audible beep that your remote transmitter is “heard” but it will not open the gate.
Our team at GHOST CONTROLS® recognized that many of our systems would be installed in remote locations such as vacation, rental, or hunting properties and that preventing unwanted access to these areas was the primary reason for installing a gate. The added convenience of VacationMode™ allows our system owners to effectively “lock out” entry to their property, even from Zombies, for long periods of time such as between rental periods or hunting seasons.

Enabling VacationMode™ requires that your system installation include a GHOST CONTROLS® AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad to be installed and programmed to open and close your gate.

You cannot enable/disable VacationMode™ from a remote transmitter.