Decorative / Tube Gate Opener Systems

Adding a gate to your home is an easy way to improve the curb appeal of your property. Automating this gate with an automatic gate opener system will further enhance the convenience and peace of mind of everyone in your family. A GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate opener system is the ultimate DIY solution to work within your lifestyle. Our systems contain an unsurpassed list of convenient features and capabilities that are not available from any other brand.

DS1U and DD2U Kit (Battery is required but not included)

Our flexibile gate opener kits, including DS1U Single and DD2U dual models, are engineered to be installed on almost any type of swinging gate.. These premium residential operators:

  • Provide opening capabilities for almost any decorative OR tube gate installation up to 600 lbs. per leaf
  • Include hardware optimized for decorative gate installations and additional hardware designed for tube gate installations
  • Allow you to choose the type of 12-Volt battery you wish to use with the system
  • Easily recharge with the included resettable AC transformer that can be plugged into any 120V AC outlet (weatherproof box not included) for constant recharging day or night
  • Can be recharged by optional solar panel(s), if AC power is not available or easily accessible
  • Dual gate opener kits open or close both gates either in sequence or in tandem
  • Are compatible with all genuine GHOST CONTROLS accessories

General Information

Is a battery required?

Yes a 12V battery is required at all times. All Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener Systems are battery powered.  This design is inherently safer and allows the systems to be installed in almost any location in the world.

The 12V battery can be recharged with either a Ghost Controls UL Listed AC Transformer that is plugged into a 120VAC outlet OR by one or more solar panels.  Ghost Controls offers a 10W Solar Panel kit with the panel, mounting pole, mount brackets, and hardware to mount the panel to a fence or post and adjust to maximize your solar charging potential.  You can use up to three 10W panels or 30W in total of solar power.

What is the most common phone call we receive from customers calling our Technical Support help line?

Our most phone call received is customers dealing with a low battery in their system.  This low battery can be caused by a number of things including:

  • A tripped GFCI circuit breaker at the home on the circuit that the AC Transformer is plugged into.
  • Not enough solar power charging time for your discharge rate.
  • Not enough solar power charging capability (not enough solar panels) for your given installation.

For solar installations, please refer to our help guide for solar recommendations by clicking here.

Do you have a support page to log a help ticket?

Yes our support website can be reached at the following URL:

Who can I call for help?

Our Technical Support Team can be reached at:

850-898-1411 Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 8am-5pm Eastern Time

You can also send us an email after hours to: We will respond to all voicemails and emails as quickly as we can when we return to the office.

Can I use a Remote Transmitter from another Gate Opener manufacturer to control my Ghost Controls system?

No.  Only Ghost Controls remote transmitters and keypads will be able to control a Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener System.  We use a proprietary algorithm that we call GhostCode to control our system on 433.92MHz.  We designed our systems this way to maximize the long range operation of your radio frequency (RF) devices so that you can open/close your gate from further away.

If you instead want to add the convenience and versatility of Ghost Controls to your existing system, we encourage you to look at our AXUR Universal Receiver Kit that would allow you to use a Ghost Controls remote and keypad with another manufacturer's access control system.

Can I use on solid panel/privacy gates?

NO.  We do not recommend the use of any post-mount gate opener system, Ghost Controls or other manufacturers, on solid panel gates (also known as privacy gates).  These gates can get caught by the wind, act like a sail, and exert an exceptionally large force onto the entire system which will damage the system and void the warranty of your opener.  No more than 30% of the surface area of your gate can be solid in order to use a Ghost Controls gate opener system.

Can I use a wheel for support on my gate?

No.  Your gate must not use a wheel and must swing freely and level throughout the entire range of motion of the gate.  If you cannot easily swing your gate by pushing/pulling on the gate from approximately 3 feet away from the hinge side of the gate, you must first fix this problem before installing an automatic gate opener system.

Can Ghost Controls be used in commercial applications or for a business?


Ghost Controls automatic gate opener systems are only for use with single-family residential applications.


What is the maximum capacity of a DS1U or DD2U gate opener system?

Please refer to the image below.  This maximum rating assumes that your gate(s) swings level and freely throughout its entire range of motion, DO NOT use a wheel for support, and are not solid panel gates.