Automatic Gate Opener System 5 Rapid Beeps Error Code

These beeps occur only once when you are attempting to activate the unit via your remote control.

If after pressing your remote control you get a series 5 beeps, pause, 5 beeps, pause without pressing the remote, please refer to THIS page.
Do you currently have a ZombieLock connected to your system? If yes proceed to step 1. If you have removed your ZombieLock, please jump to step 3.

Step 1:

  • Make sure all your lock wires are secure.
  • Turn the system off.
  • Remove the red, black, and blue wires from the control board.
  • Inspect and replace the wires back into the terminals.
  • Turn the system on and test with your remote control.
    • If the issue persists, proceed to step 3.

Step 2:

  • Check for binding at the closed position between the receiver lock pin and lock.
  • If the pin is resting against the lock draw bolt you will need to readjust your gate closed position.
  • Please refer to your installation manual (available here) for the automatic gate opener and the Zombie Lock Manual.
If the issue is still present, contact the technical support department.

How do I reset the Ghost Controls System when a ZombieLock is missing or removed?

Example Scenarios:

    1. I previously had a Ghost Controls AXZL ZombieLock installed and now I have removed it for some reason or another. How do I get my Ghost Controls system to work again now that I have removed the AXZL ZombieLock from the installation?
    2. I currently have a Ghost Controls AXZL ZombieLock on my gate but I have disconnected the wires from the control board. I want to manually keep the ZombieLock open using the key.

Follow this procedure:

    • If your system is not off already, turn the system control board OFF using the switch on the outside bottom of the system control box.
    • Hold down BOTH the “JOG OPEN” and “JOG CLOSE” buttons for the 1st Arm.

    • Turn the system control board ON and continue to hold the JOG OPEN and JOG CLOSE buttons down for approximately 6-8 seconds.
    • Your system has now reset.
    • Test your system operation with the Remote Transmitter.