Automatic Gate Opener Battery Load Test

 Battery Load Test

1. Disconnect the charging source.

2. Measure battery voltage.
a. If you have two batteries, check them individually.
b. If the voltage(s) is above 12 Vdc, proceed with the load test.
c. If the voltage(s) is below 12 Vdc, charge the batteries externally before
3. The load test will only be conducted on one battery at a time. Measure the voltage prior to operation. Activate the unit while continuing to monitor the voltage. The voltage should drop less than .5 volt during the cycle.
4. Repeat for 4 more half cycles (open or close) pausing for approximately 10 seconds in between activations. The voltage should drop less than .5 volt during these movements.
5. If the voltage drops are greater than .5 a volt the battery/batteries should be replaced.