Automatic Gate Opener Battery Requirements

Battery Requirements

Is a battery required for operation on my system if I am using the AC transformer?

Yes, all Ghost Controls gate openersrequire a 12V battery to be installed for the system to operate.  Failure to install the 12V battery will prevent the system from working correctly.

The 12V battery is the primary power source of the system.  The system control board includes an integrated charging circuit within it. This charging circuit allows the 12V battery to remain fully charged whenever possible and prevents the battery from overcharging.  This charging circuit obtains the power to recharge from either the AC transformer OR one or more solar panels.  

The AC transformer can be connected up to 1000 feet away using low-voltage 16-gauge or larger, STRANDED, two-conductor, wire. Do NOT use solid-core wire.  When connected to the system control board, the transformer is actually only recharging the battery.  This design allows the system to be considered LOW VOLTAGE (less than 20V) which inherently is safer than high voltage 120Vac system for do it yourself (DIY) market. It also provides built-in battery backup and solar capabilities. A line voltage AC automatic gate system usually required licensed professional installers to meet all required safety standards.

If you are using the solar power, the solar panel is connected into the system control panel to recharge the battery.  You can connect up to three 10-Watt panels in parallel, or up to 30-Watts of solar power.  If you connect more than 30-Watts of solar panel, the system will limit the amount of current it will deliver to the battery in order to maximize the life of the battery.  In most cases, multiple 10-Watt solar panels will actually be a better solution for recharging your battery because you can angle each panel slightly different from each other, such as to maximize the morning and afternoon sun on a different panel.

 Using a battery within the system also gives you these inherent advantages:

  • System is compatible with solar installation in any location in the world
  • System will continue to operate for multiple cycles even when your AC power is out, if you are using a transformer
  • System gives a soft-start and soft-stop to prevent your gate from being damaged and it minimizes the wear and tear on your operator system itself