How to chose the best battery for your gate opener installation

Which type of Battery should I use for my Gate Opener?

battery selection automatic gate opener

When choosing a 12 volt operated automatic gate opener you are faced with the decision to use our ABBT2 Battery box with Two 7 AH batteries and harness included or a much larger 12 volt Deep Cycle Battery.

Lets first run you through some use cases and decision making and we will do a general discussion the battery solutions themselves.


Am I using the included AC transformer to recharge the batteries or am I using our  AXDP 10 Watt solar panel or the AX30 30 Watt Solar Panel to recharge the batteries.


Short Answer: AC Transformer = ABBT2 is Sufficient

Short Answer: Solar Panel w/ <4 Hours of Direct Sunlight  = Deep Cycle Battery is strongly recommended

Short Answer: Solar Panel w/ >4 Hours of Direct Sunlight  = ABBT2 is Sufficient

NOTE: Anytime you are using a Zombielock or Multi-Connect Smart Kit we strongly recommend a Deep Cycle Battery 



In the case where you have decided to recharge the battery using the AC transformer than the ABBT2 would be sufficient to maintain your system and will even give you the opportunity to operate your gate in the event of a power failure for a little while perhaps a day or two.
In the case where you have decided to use one of our Solar Panels it becomes more about consistency of the number of hours of direct sun light hitting your solar panel in the winter months which is typically less than the summer. If you have less than 4 hours of direct unobstructed sunlight on the solar panel you will have a high likely hood of outpacing your charge rate and storage compared to the use rate. 


AXBT 7 AH Batteries:

The 7 AH batteries statistically do well when there is a constant trickle charge on them maintaining a higher voltage level. This is most easily maintained with an AC transformer or areas where you have many hours of direct sunlight and limited nighttime use of the gates. These batteries may have a difficult time recovering from a deep discharge even when maintained on an AC transformer but suffered a loss of AC due to a general power outage or a GFI tripping. The typical lifespan of these batteries are anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the charging environment.

Deep Cycle Batteries:

A deep cycle battery is designed to provide sustained output over long periods. This allows for a more stable voltage output on a system and is designed to be discharged and recharged. Deep cycle batteries come in a variety of sizes and it is recommended to place these batteries in standard boxes to reduce weather exposure.

Starting Batteries:

Starting batteries are very different form Deep cycle batteries. Starting batteries are designed to provide high current for short durations for starting electrical engines and are not designed to be deeply discharged and then charged back up.