Control Board LEDs

Control Board LEDs

“Power Status” LED Green

  • on = transformer power present
  • blinking = solar panel power present
  • off = no power present / not currently charging

“Battery Condition” LED Yellow

  • on = battery good
  • blinking = low battery
  • off = Unit has been on longer than 1 minute (LED times out) or no battery detected.

“Status” LED Red

  • Blinks once = input change detected (exit sensor, wired push button activated, etc..)
  • Blinks continuously = blinks along with alarm codes to provide visual feedback. Also, it could mean a potential accessory issue. Disconnect accessories connected to the “Hardwired Inputs” terminal and test system.

Set Autoclose” LED Green

  • on = The autoclose is turned on
  • off = The autoclose is turned off
  • blinking =The autoclose is in programming mode or the Partymode has been activated.

“Learn XMTR”

  • on = programming mode
  • off = idle
  • blinking = currently receiving a transmission