HomeLink Connection

The Universal Remote Buttons available in my cars, trucks, and SUVs are often called HomeLink.

A few vehicle manufacturers also contain modules developed by Car2U.  Car2U modules are NOT compatible with Ghost Controls.

HomeLink works by cloning the transmitter frequency and coding scheme (including Ghost Controls transmitters) and reproduces the signal. Ghost Controls high performance RF system requires an accurate and stable signal and HomeLink's ability to perform accurate cloning varies from model to model. Most of the time, newer model vehicles (2015 or newer) tend to have the most updated HomeLink modules installed and have the ability to clone aftermarket transmitters such as a Ghost Controls system more accurately.

Some of our customers have had success in 2015 or newer models and others have not had success.  There is no master listing available from HomeLink to determine what modules are installed in each vehicle so we at Ghost Controls are unable to know which vehicles might be successful and which ones would not be successful.  The HomeLink modules installed vary across models and even vary across model years within the same model. Therefore, some HomeLink modules don't reproduce our signal as accurately as others do. Please refer to Home-link for additional details. 

Our engineers specifically designed our transmitters and receivers simultaneously with the goal of maximizing range while reducing false activations through spurious RF emissions.  We have found that our AXR1, AXP1, and AXS1 remote transmitters have almost always had superior range to any of the HomeLink modules we have tested in side-by-side comparisons.  We understand that this may not be as convenient for some people as using the built-in remotes in their vehicles, but we believe that compatibility will continue to increase as newer HomeLink modules are installed in newer vehicles over time.

Here is a general overview of how to program HomeLink:
  1. Press HomeLink button in vehicle, do not release
  2. Press transmitter button for 2 1/2 seconds with the bottom of the remote (slim edge closest to LEARN button) pointing towards the HomeLink button.
  3. Repeat step 2 until HomeLink led is rapidly flashing.  Ignore the slow flash, must be rapid flash.  May need to repeat step 2 numerous times
  4. Release HomeLink button