Reset Control Board to Ignore Missing AXZL ZombieLock

Removing AXZL Zombie Lock from the Control Board

I previously had a Ghost Controls AXZL ZombieLock installed and now I have removed it for some reason or another. 

How do I get my Ghost Controls system to work again now that I have removed the AXZL ZombieLock from the installation?

Step 1
  • Turn the system control board OFF
​Step 2On/Off Switch on Control Box
Hold down BOTH the "JOG OPEN" and "JOG CLOSE" for the 1st Arm.
JOG Buttons for 1st Arm
Step 3
Turn the system's control board ON and continue to hold down the JOG OPEN and JOG CLOSE buttons until the unit stops beeps count to 3 and release.
Step 4
Your system has now reset.
Step 5
Test your system operation with the Remote Transmitter.