Timer Connection

Connecting a Timer to your Ghost Controls Control Board

You can connect a timer to open your gate at predetermined times and use AutoClose to close the gate. If you are using Solar power and want to connect a timer, you must use a 30W solar panel and a deep cycle battery. 

For example, if you want to open your gate at 7am and close it at 6pm, then here are the steps:

1. Purchase third party timer and program it using the timers instructions to turn on at 7am and turn off at 6pm. Ghost Controls does not manufacture a timer but CLICK HERE to see one that we are familiar with.

* Note-Ghost Controls does not have any affiliation with this manufacturer and cannot offer support for programming the timer itself. 

  1. Enable AutoClose on your Ghost Controls Automatic Gate Opener System Control board. Follow the instructions included with your gate opener system on how to enable this feature.
  2. Connect the timer relay outputs to COM and OPEN on the Ghost Controls board. See below

The timer will then keep your gate open when the relay is latched from 7am to 6pm. Once the relay on the timer releases, then AutoClose will close your gate.