Understanding Your Unit

Understanding Your Ghost Controls Unit

Understanding your unit is key to eliminating potential misunderstandings or frustration. Quite simply the unit is designed to open and close vehicular gate(s) that are level and plumb throughout its range of motion. Please make sure you read through and under the “System Safety” and “System Overview” sections of your installation manual. These are 12Vdc systems so it is necessary for a charged battery to always be in place. These bits of information are to be understood as stand alone items. The purpose of this document is to help you understand or provide a little more insight into the functionality of your system.

  1. Remote Operation. The remote transmitter(s) can open/close the gate and it can also stop and start the unit during mid-travel if needed.
    1. Unit’s On/Off Switch. Is located on the bottom of the control box. If switched off the unit will continue to charge the battery(s)
    2. System Settings
          • Dip Switch 1 is your pull versus push switch. The switch is set according to the direction of gate(s) travel. Pull is for gates that open to the inside of your property and Push is for gates that open to the outside
          • Dip Switch 2 is your gate movement alarm. If on, at auto close and during initial gate movement the alarm will sound. If off, the movement alarms are disabled, but not obstruction alarm
          • Dip Switch 3 tells the unit to look for the presence of Monitored Photo Eyes or to operate in SafeForce Mode. If you are not using Ghost Controls Monitored Photo Eyes this Dip will need to be to the left (off position). This will cause the unit to operate in Ghost Controls SafeForce Mode (this is the factory default)
          • SafeForce® Technology requires you to install the gate level and plumb and maintain the gate operation over time to ensure it swings easily. Doing routine maintenance on the gate such as lubricating the hinges will ensure that not only does SafeForce® continue to operate correctly, but you will also likely add extra life to the gate and opener system. The Force Setting allows you to make minor adjustments. The closer you are to minimum may cause some gate(s) to respond in an undesirable fashion during windy conditions. This would manifest itself by the gate(s) stopping and partially reversing direction without encountering a visible obstruction. You might be able to remedy this by adjusting the Force Setting more toward max. However, a close inspection should be performed on the gate(s) and verify that the operator was installed per. installation instructions. See location of the “Force Setting” with the image below:
          • Dip Switch 4​ controls if dual gates will stagger or open simultaneously. It comes from the factory set to stagger which is necessary if using the Zombie Lock. If you have a dual gate system and would prefer them to open at the same time move this switch to the right (on). However, the two gates will need to not be overlapping or have some sort of center decoration that might require them to stagger in order to not bind or make contact with each other. If that is the case it would be in your best interest to leave it set to stagger. This switch only controls the open sequence, it will always stagger when closing. This means the secondary arm will start to close first.
          • Autoclose ​(factory default is off)​ ​is a programmable feature where you can determine how long the gate(s) stays in the open position before it closes. It can be set from 6 seconds to 60 minutes
              • To turn the auto close on​, press and hold down the auto close button down until the unit beeps and then release. The auto close LED is now flashing once per second.
              • The auto close can be set between 6s to 60min. ​To set the desired amount of time ​simply wait 30 seconds, 40 seconds etc. and press and hold down the button again until you get another beep. The auto close LED is now on and the time is set. So, the amount of time you wait before pressing the button again is how long the gate will remain open before it automatically closes.
              • To turn the auto close off, ​press and hold the set auto close button down until it beeps and then release. Within 6 seconds press and hold down the button again until you hear the same beep. The auto close has now been turned off and the auto close LED will not be on.
          • Learn XMTR​is not used to add additional remote controls. To add additional remote please follow these instructions:​. This button on the control board is for learning the primary/master remote control to the control board
      4. The Hardwired Inputs Terminal is where accessories are connected. The accessories will be connected in respect to common. For example the wired doorbell will connect to CYC & COM (common)

          Ghost Controls Hardwired Inputs
                • CYC (cycle) - This terminal is for a wired doorbell button, or some other device which that type of functionality is desired
                • OPEN - This terminal is typically used for connecting a wired vehicle sensor​ or a timer. The terminal is: an open command, hold open if the contact is maintained or a reopen if closing.
                • CLS RVRS (close reverse) - This terminal is used for photo beams or safety edges. When active it prevents the gate(s) from closing and if the gate(s) is closing it will reopen the gate to the full open position
                • OPN RVRS (open reverse) - This terminal is used for photo beams or safety edges. When active it prevents gate(s) from opening and if the gate(s) is opening it will reverse the gate to the fully closed position

            Special Features

            PARTY MODE®​ is a patent-pending feature of all Ghost Controlsgate operators that opens the gate and keeps it in the open position for as long as you desire,even when AutoClose is turned on,so that your friends and family can enter or exit without needing a gate code or remote transmitter. This feature is easily enabled or disabled using a Ghost Controls​ ​AXP1 Premium 5-Button Remote Transmitter, the only remote capable of this on the market today. It can also be easily enabled or disabled with ourAXWK Premium Wireless Keypadwithout requiring you to disable AutoClose or turn off your gate system at the gate system control box.

            PARTY MODE®​ also prevents someone from accidentally closing your gate when you want it to remain open for an extended period of time.Disabling PartyModewill return your gateopener system to the previously enabled AutoClose setting. Your gate will then close at the specified time period.

            Learn how to turn this feature on and off:

              • From a Wireless Keypad
              • From a 5-Button Premium Remote


            Party Mode Secure®

            (Keypad ONLY)

            PARTY MODE SECURE®​ is a patent-pending feature of all Ghost Controls​ gate operators that opens the gate at the touch of any numerical button on theAXWK Wireless Keypadand then will automatically close the gate using your preprogrammed auto-close time period that has been enabled. If you have the auto close feature turned off we refer to​ this feature as1Key® mode

            Learn how to turn this feature on and off:


            Vacation Mode®

            (Keypad ONLY)

            Would you like to go on vacation without the worries of someone entering your property with a transmitter that was never returned or a keypad code that you forgot about... well, now you can! VacationModeTM (also known as ZombieModeTM) can be enabled from a Ghost Controls®keypad and locks out all authorized remote transmitter operation, preventing unwanted entry when you are away from your home or property for extended periods of time. When activated on your gate opener system, the gate controller will still confirm through an audible beep that your remote transmitter is “heard” but it will not open the gate.

            Our team at Ghost Controls®​recognized that many of our systems would be installedin remote locations such as vacation, rental, or hunting properties and that preventing unwanted access to these areas was the primary reason for installing a gate. The added convenience of VacationModeTM allows our system owners to effectively “lock out” entry to their property, even from Zombies, for long periods of time such as between rental periods or hunting seasons. Enabling VacationModeTMrequiresthat you have aAXWK Premium Wireless Keypad installed and programmed to open and close your gate. Refer to your keypad installation manual for instructions.

            * You cannot enable/disable VacationModeTM from a remote transmitter.


            Tips for Solar Installations

            • Solar panels should be mounted so that foliage growth (such as tree leaves, tree branches, or weeds) does not cover the solar panel in a shadow at any point during the day.
            • Solar panels should be cleaned periodically to remove any snow, dirt, grime, mold, or mildew that accumulates and deteriorates the performance of the panel.​
            • Watch the power LED indicator on the Ghost Controls®​ system controller to help align the panel properly for maximum charging potential.
            • Solar panels should be pointed true South when located in the Northern Hemisphere to maximize sunlight.
            • A 12V deep cycle marine/trolling motor battery purchased at your local retailer is the best solution for solar applications.
            • Several cloudy/rainy/snowy days in a row may cause the batteries to be depleted if you continue to operate at the same rate. You may need to charge the batteries on an automatic car charger at no more than 2amps for approximately 3 hours if the batteries are low.
            • To reach adequate light the solar panel wires can be extended, but no more than 100’ using 16 gauge multi stranded wire.
            • Solar Panel​ to recharge your battery(s) for your Ghost Gate System. AXDP 10 watt panels or the AX30 30 watt panel. See chart below


            Solar Zone MapConnecting Multiple Solar Panels


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