ZombieLock Troubleshooting

ZombieLock Installation and Troubleshooting

The video below is Chapter 9 in our Gate Opener Installation series, and shows how to install your ZombieLock. For the full installation series, please visit this page.


My gate partially closes after opening or reopens partially after closing.

This a limit adjustment issue or a problem with bracket placement. Please review your installation manual. Remember that on pull to open gates the open gate position is determined by bracket placement with a fully retracted operator arm. 

When your gate, after it opens,  closes back partially this is what we refer to as an obstruction. The unit’s internal safeties were triggered because the arm was (most likely) not physically allowed to return to the fully retracted position. The most common cause is that the arm was not fully retracted when the gate bracket was installed. 

Example of an open gate and fully retracted control arm.

The video below is an example of a pull to open gate that the gate bracket placement was wrong, so the gate in some manner is physically being restricted or the arm is making contact with the gate.


If an obstruction is occurring at or near close on a pull to open gate. The limit is not set or set incorrectly. Assuming that the above is not occurring or has been corrected follow the below procedure.

For push to open gates the closed gate position is determined by bracket placement with a fully retracted operator arm. On a push to open unit the open position is controlled electronically by the below procedure.


Receiving a 5 Rapid Beep Error Code?


Recently removed a ZombieLock?

Visit this page for step-by-step instructions on how to Remove the AXZL ZombieLock from your Control Board.

Looking for your AXZL ZombieLock Manual?

You can view or download it in the PDF below! All other product manuals are available on this page.