AXP1 5-Button Premium Remote

  • Works with all GHOST CONTROLS single and/or dual opener systems

  • Can be added as a new remote to your system

  • Easily learned into the system from existing remote already controlling the gate by using the Learn button

  • Dedicated buttons for PartyMode® (hold open) and Testing System Battery status

  • Includes vehicle visor clip (4 position)

  • Includes 1 CR2032 lithium battery installed

  • GhostCode® signal is resistant to hacking

  • 18 Month warranty

California Residents-Please click here for information on Proposition 65 Warnings.


    18 month warranty. Can be extended when you register your products for up to 24 months.

    Can be Programmed to work
    out of the box*

    Let us Program your additional remotes for your gate opener allowing you to spend more time on installing your gate opener. Click here for more information
    PRAX Pre-programmed Gate Accessories Package


    Allows authorized remote transmitters, keypads, and vehicle sensors to activate your gate system, keeping your system safe and secure from hackers.

    Partymode Feature

    Our popular Partymode feature is found on the AXP1 5-Button Premium Remote and the AXWK Wireless Keypad. This feature allows you to override your auto-close setting and keep the gate open for those times you want to keep your gate open for deliveries, lawn care or a family gathering. Click here for video on setting Partymode with the 5-Button remote.

    Excellent Range up to 1,000 feet

    All of our remote controls have exceptional range to open your gate, and each can operate up to two different Ghost Controls gates.

    We even have a Remote Rugged Enough for the Outdoor Environment

    Our AXR1 3-Button Water-Resistant Remote Transmitter can be used to operate any (single or dual) Ghost Controls automatic gate opener system. This remote
    is water-resistant for use in outdoor environments.
    Great to install on motorcycles, tractors, bikes, golf
    carts and ATVs.


    Free Shipping

    Free Shipping on orders over $99.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime warranty on motor and gear assembly of your arm.

    Great Service

    We are always ready to help, from answering “Which opener is right for me?” to assisting with any technical support problems that may arise.